the omlette

my grandma can make a perfect omlette and while she taught me how to make one, i never really figured it out 100%.  until today.  who would have thought an omlette was so hard?  gram makes it look so easy, and so do the chefs at any omlette bar.  but i have been fooled over and over, time and time again.  i admit, i’ve used the wrong pan before (shame on me for not always having a non-stick pan) and not the best utensils but i am now outfitted with the correct appliances and am ready to take on the ellusive omlette.

i ususally spray my pans with some Pam… i know, i know – non stick doesn’t need it but it’s just habit!  but this time i did not spray the pan.  i pre-heated the pan over medium heat, maybe a little lower.  i beat two eggs and dropped them into the pan.  i waited until the edges started to form and ran my spatcula around the edge, lifting so the liquid egg on top runs to the bottom and filled in the space.  i waited more and something happened.  it didn’t stick!  i tried my hand at flipping the omlette and i was successful FINALLY!  such a gratifing feat especially at 9am on a Saturday.

from here, i put cheddar cheese on the omlette, keeping it simple, and then folded it over.  I enjoyed my omlette with Intelligentsia Coffee.  If you want amazing coffee, drink Intelligentsia.

I’m really proud of myself for mastering this omlette.  Makes scrambled eggs… boring. 🙂


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