makin banana pancakes

my friend over at bon chappetit made some banana pancakes a while back and since then, i came across another banana posting in my local news paper.  since seeing those posts i’ve been wanting to make pancakes for breakfast and so i did.  while i didn’t make my batter from scratch like bon chappetit, i am still happy with how they turned out.  i made a HUGE batch of pancakes, some plain and some banana.  feeds many mouths.

2 cups bisquik mix

1 egg

1 1/4 cup milk

1 banana

heat non stick pan or griddle on medium high heat.  whisk all ingredients, except banana.  start making your pancakes!  i made about 8 small ones plain and then mashed the banana into the remaining batter and made three medium sized pancakes.  the trick is to let the pancake sit until the bottom has formed.  flip.  serve.

nothing says good morning like the taste of a sweet, warm, caramel-y banana bite in your pancakes.



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2 responses to “makin banana pancakes

  1. Ok, since you’re going to regularly be referring to my (far superior…that’s right, our blog war is still going) site correctly. There’s an accent in there, because I’m fancy: bon chappétit…see that?

    Otherwise, your lazy banana pancakes look delish (look – two digs in one comment!)

    zing pow. bon chappétit!

  2. ok, ok. i’ll get it right next time… if there is a next time. lazy banana pancakes were delish. why should i make homemade ones when i have bisquik lying around.

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