fish and asparagus

my favorite thing about trader joe’s, besides their prices, is their individually wrapped fish.  it makes for a quick and simple weeknight meal for one.  no need to buy a whole bag of frozen fish.  and it’s not just plain fish.  it’s a little  bit more than that.  i bought pacific flounder with crab meat stuffing, knowing that one day i will want to make a quick, simple and yet delicious meal.  and tonight was that night.

i took the fish out of the freezer, removed it from it’s packaging and microwaved it for 3 1/2 minutes, rotated, and another 3 1/2 minutes, adding a small amount of butter on top to keep it moist.  i prepared the asparagus while the fish was cooking.  once the fish was done, i steamed (in the microwave!) the asparagus in water and covered with plastic wrap for 3 minutes.  drain, salt, serve.  i also added some pecorino romano on top of the asparagus.

yum yum 🙂

asparagus might be my favorite vegetable… no, i think it is.  also i think this post should be dubbed “box-less microwaveable meal” since that’s all i used for cooking my food.  i love my microwave.



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2 responses to “fish and asparagus

  1. That fish is the shit, but TJs bitches are always out!

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