pizza from the … (gasp) grocery store!!!

ok, ok. i cheated today. but that’s ok.  you’ve done it, too.

i didn’t order pizza from a local shop.  i decided to take a swing at a grocery store pizza.  and not joe corby’s.  my local grocery store, Giant Eagle, has prepared pizza in the refrigerated section.  i didn’t feel like making the tuna noodle casserole that i planned on making and the pizza sicilia caught my eye.  i’ve never tried this kind of pizza before but i was willing to.
i pre-heated my oven to 450 when i got home.  i put the other things that i bought away and unpacked my work bag.  by the time i changed out of my work clothes, the oven was ready.  nine minutes later i had a delicious pizza.  can’t really beat that for a fast, simple and yummy meal.   this is not a stellar fooding post but it is more of a realization that frozen (or refrigerated) pizza is something to not frown upon when it’s been a busy day.

nor is a glass of wine.



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2 responses to “pizza from the … (gasp) grocery store!!!

  1. Kyessa

    You should try the pizza shells that they sell in the bakery department. With those you add your own sauce, cheese and toppings. And they’re only like $2! I made one with red sauce, cheese (forget what kind… whatever I had on hand), sliced baby portobellos and a drizzle of olive oil and it was delish!

    • i will never under estimate the powers of Giant Eagle. i also love their rotisserie chicken. so yummy! i’ll have to try their shells out. it’s been a while since i’ve had those (of any kind)!

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