vegetable pizza

apparently i’m on a pizza kick!

tonight is a friend’s birthday.  i was tagged with bringing the oh-so-delicious vegetable pizza.  it’s not one of those cheesy pizza.  no, no.  it’s great for small bites especially when the weather turns warm.

2 packages of crescent rolls

1 8 oz. container of cream cheese

vegetables of your choice, chopped to small bits

i normally use the garden vegetable cream cheese and a medley of red peppers, carrots and broccoli.

pre-heat oven to 375 (or whatever it says on the package)

on a non greased cookie sheet, unroll the crescent roll package.  form a rectangular crust.  bake according to the package, normally 11-13 minutes or until brown.

while the crust is baking, chop up your veggies into bite sized bits, or smaller.

when the crust has cooled, smear the cream cheese up to the edges and sprinkle the veggies around the pizza.  cut into small squares and put in the refrigerator so it can get nice and cold.  it is best to serve this chilled.


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