a classic grilled cheese and tomato soup

it’s pretty rainy this week in my city and nothing works better to get rid of the rainy chills than a good old fashion combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup.  in my opinion, anyway.  i prefer using a sharp cheddar cheese, slices of tomatoes and a wheat bread of some sort.  it’s a lovely combination especially when crisp and warm.

you will need:


cheddar cheese

tomatoes, sliced

one can of Campbell’s tomato soup


cook the tomato soup according to the directions.  i use milk instead of water.  it gives it a sweet taste and creamy texture.  a perfect complement to the grilled cheese.

i LOVE my Bella Cucina 3-in-1 griddle to make all sorts of grilled sandwiches.  i prefer using this over the stove top so i can skip the butter.  i like my grilled cheese to be crispy, not buttery.  if you do not have a counter top griddle i’m going to suggest that you get one, especially this one.  it is the best thing ever.  the plates are removable and dishwasher safe  so clean up is a cinch.   it only takes minutes to heat up and a few minutes for it to produce a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

sandwich the tomatoes in cheese, making it extra gooey and joyful on a rainy day, and place the sandwich on a pre-heated griddle for a few minutes.    this is best served cut on the diagonal and dipped in the tomato soup.  yum!



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