egg in the hole

martha stewart’s new cook book is kind of amazing.  i have a feeling i will be making a lot of the recipes in it.  i tried one of her breakfast egg recipes to shake up my weekend breakfast a little bit.  “egg in the hole” is fun to make and is quite delicious.  i pared the recipe down a little bit since it was only for me.

two pieces of whole wheat bread

two eggs

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt & pepper

over medium heat add the olive oil to a skillet.  while warming, cut a hole into each piece of bread, using a small cup or cookie cutter.  add the bread and cut pieces to the pan and toast on both sides.  once the bread has crisped up, crack one egg into each piece of toast.  let it sit for a few minutes and then flip.  cook for another minute or two and season with salt and pepper.

i served “egg in the hole” with some green sauce (mild) and fresh fruit.  this meal dips the bread into your dippy eggs for you, basically.  i can’t complain about that!  yum and yum!


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