bombay potatoes from Tasty Bite

i discovered this amazing ready-to-eat (and shelf stable) food from Tasty Bite.  in my grocery store, the indian section is directly across from all of the pastas.  loving indian food, i decided to give one of these bad boys a whirl.  i picked up bombay potatoes and let me tell you this thing is DELISH.  and not bad for you, either!  vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, all natural.  what could be wrong with that?  bombay potatoes is “potatoes, chick peas and spices slow cooked in a tomato sauce.”  it had an amazing flavor and just enough kick.  i brought it in for lunch and ate the whole thing (2 servings).  it would have been more amazing if i brought rice to eat along with it.  this would go great with chicken for a really quick meal.  i will definitely be trying out more of these ready-to-eat sides from Tasty Bite soon.  what a great way to shake up your meals.


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