i’ll never forget the time my mother insisted that we have a cook out in the middle of winter.  i’m pretty sure it was during the blizzard of ’93.  we all thought she was crazy talk but sure enough she stuck to her word.  she went out side in her winter jacket armed with a plate of hamburgers and hot dogs, started up the grill and didn’t come back until the hamburgers had defined grill marks and the hot dogs were split.  it reminded us all of the summer time as we ate our cook out foods and watched the snow fall from the dinner table.

it’s raining once again in western PA.  so what did we have for dinner to lift our spirits and remind ourselves sunnier days are in our future?  hamburgers!  i’m a week early on memorial day celebration but we can’t get enough of hamburgers.  last time i made hamburgers with sautéed onions and a side of mac & cheese and broccoli. this time i went for more traditional toppings and sides.

i used 1 pound 85% lean ground meat – having some fat makes for a juicy burger.  i split the meat into four patties and grilled them for about 8-10 minutes, flipping once.

while the burgers are grilling i prepped all of the add-ons.  i cut the tomato, ripped apart the lettuce and started to assemble the buns.  from bottom up – bun, lettuce, hamburger, cheese, tomato, ketchup, mustard, bun.  nothing more, nothing less.  i served these up with a side of pickles and baked beans.  what could get more summer-tastic than this, folks?

if it wasn’t for my grill pan, i don’t know what i do since i do not have an outdoor grill.  and even if i did, it rained so hard and much i wouldn’t have been able to use it anyway!
i love me some hamburger.  yum!


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