my herb garden courtesy of Leicher’s Farm

i’ve been using basil and parsley more than normal and i’m pretty sure i will keep using it through out the summer.  it can get expensive buying it at the grocery store so having my own plants would prove to be cost worthy and a good way to exercise my green thumb.

brad and i took a drive up to Leicher’s Farms in Chicora, PA a few Sundays ago.  it’s about an hour from the city but it was an enjoyable hour.  being able to get out of the city and into the country has a calming effect and is a de-stresser.  at least for me.  and getting some fresh country air is good for anyone.

the farm is tucked away on a bendy road but don’t let that fool you.  it has a great shop and a good amount of things to pick from if you’re looking for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and smoked meats amongst other things.  Barry Leicher was a delight to meet and was a big help when i was selecting my herbs.  i ended up getting basil, chives and flat leaf parsley for starters.  i think this might be our go-to farm when we need a short getaway from the craziness of life in the city.

i’m excited to watch my little guys grow like crazy and incorporate them into my summer dishes.

remember – buy local and support your farmers!

click here for more about Leicher’s Farm




lemon mint –

this was not from Leicher’s Farm, i got it from a co-worker (hi, Lindie!) –

but what an interesting herb it is!


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