hello my good people!  i am back and relaxed from vacation!  i’m going to start in light, so here is something light that i made right before vacation.  i’ll post some photos and a little about the Dogfish Head Brewery tour we took at the beginning of vacation soon!

it has been h.o.t. the past week.  the thought of making something in my kitchen makes me not so hungry.  but what to do when you are hungry?  it is that hot i don’t even want to go to the grocery store, so i was thinking of what all i had in my fridge.  bread? check.  i could make some sort of sandwich… lettuce? check – just cleaned it the other night.  bacon?  how can i forget, i found it when i found the lettuce.  i was on to something… bacon, lettuce… and a tomato!  BLT’s it was.  now i like BLT’s but i like them with a little … more.  i like to throw some more meat on it because what’s a sandwich with out meat.  i had some turkey and wham, bam, thank you ma’am, dinner was served.

i tossed a few bacon strips into a pan and i toasted the bread on light – a little crunch but nothing too charred.  while the bacon cooked, i cleaned up the lettuce, sliced the tomato and assembled my sandwiches.  mayo on the bottom, lettuce, turkey, bacon (when finished) tomato, mustard and cap your sandwich off with the other slice.

quick, easy, tasty and no hot kitchen.  i did serve this with a side of corn.  at first, the thought of BLT’s and corn on the cob sounded a bit obscure but the more i thought about it… the tastier it sounded.  and it was pretty darn good.  next time, i’ll try a fried egg.  the thought just popped in my head just now… that sounds REALLY yummy…

happy sandwich making!


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