Thai Green Curry Chicken

This will be my first dish in the new place.  It was kind of hard to make some dishes at first since everything was packed away.  But have no fear.  The kitchen was the first thing to be officially unpacked.  Let me tell you, my new kitchen is kind of awesome.  The island with the blue tile (that matches the back splash) is what makes this kitchen cool.  I may have some out dated cabinetry and a small stove but that’s what gives my kitchen character.  The blue mixed in with my reds and yellows makes for an inviting and vibrant place for me to start making more dishes.  On to the first dish!

I live a lot closer to Trader Joe’s now.  I think I’ve already discussed my love of Trader Joe’s in an earlier post, and I will harp on that a little bit more.  They have some interesting things you won’t normally find at your local grocery store.  But yet the price is always right!  I’m a huge fan of the curry simmer sauces.  They’re a cinch to prepare and tasty.  This time I went with the thai green curry simmer sauce.  It has the taste of lemon grass, coconut and a lil’ kick of peppers.  Not too much heat but there is some spice to it to even out the sweetness of the coconut.  All I did was pour the jar of simmer sauce into a pan with about an additional ½ jar of water, cubed up some chicken breast and let simmer for about 15 minutes.  While that was simmering, I made some rice to serve the thai green curry chicken over top.

This was really simple and I highly reccomend trying the simmer sauces from Trader Joe’s if you are lucky enough to live near one.  So convenient especially for a week night or if you just moved 🙂

yum and yum!



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3 responses to “Thai Green Curry Chicken

  1. not a fan of curry but is this a good way to try again?

  2. Medifast Coupons

    We don’t have Trader Joe’s in Ontario, but I am stocking up when we go on holidays this year to Florida. I hear nothing but good reviews from everyone that tries them.

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