Fiestaware Tent Sale dates!

The 2010 Fall Fiestaware Tent Sale dates have been announced!

October 14, 15 & 16!

I’ll see you there!



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6 responses to “Fiestaware Tent Sale dates!

  1. Kelly

    The Newell outlet is approximately a 3 hour drive for me. I love the seconds room. Is the tent sale worth taking a day of work and the 3 hour drive? How good are the bargains compared to any other day in the seconds room?


    • Hi, Kelly!

      I think it is definitely worth taking a trip down for the tent sale. Take a look at my earlier post . I paid around $125 for everything in the photo. I’ve been meaning to get around to posting the prices for the plates, bowls, etc. from my last trip. The most expensive item was the big mixing bowl ($25) and the baking dish was 2nd ($19). Plates ended up being under $2 each, same with the bowls.

  2. stephanie

    Does anybody happen to have a price list for the sale if so will you please post??


    • I do not have the price list but my friend Julia posted a little bit on pricing from the trip we took together last year. Check it out here.

    • Mallory

      I just went to the Oct 2011 tent sale. We went Thurs got in line at 2am and were #57, and 58. I got about $550 worth of stuff for $100. Some of the prices were…
      bread tray $2.50
      small pie baker $2.25
      spoon rest $2.75
      small cereal bowl $1.40
      rim posta bowl $4.50
      salad plate $1.50
      dinner plate $1.95
      saucer $0.80
      large pitcher $4.65
      pizza tray 15″ $5.80
      small canister $9.95
      egg plate $4.45
      gusto bowl $1.50
      salt & pepper $1.55 each
      rangetop salt & pepper $2.70 each
      Loaf pan $10
      oval baker $8
      square dinner plate $2
      square baking dish $16
      turkey plater $15
      glasses $2

      tons more stuff to to much to list! only problems where….
      -finding lids to match.
      -finding matching rangetop salt & pepper
      -dealers buying TONS of the same thing (there were limits on a handful of things) so there was some things we wanted to get but they had bought them all 😦

      • Thank you for posting, Mallory! seems like you got a great collection of things! I remember the dealers being there… sleeping in their tents while waiting in line. I’m glad they put a limit on things like the baking dishes. Hope you had fun fiestaware-ing!!! I will def be going to the next one.

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