chicken salad with champagne pear vinaigrette

if you couldn’t tell by now, i LOVE Trader Joe’s.  i love what they have to offer and i know that i can walk out of there with a couple bags full of stuff and not feel like i spent my entire pay check.  i always look around and try to find something i didn’t notice before, which isn’t hard to do. 

i picked up a bottle of the champagne pear vinaigrette salad dressing and i think i found a new lover (sorry, Ken’s).  it’s tangy, it’s creamy, it’s sweet, it’s zingy – and it even has gorgonzola cheese in it.  i already started dreaming about what kind of salads i could top off with this, and this is one of them.

i cooked up some chicken tenders with salt and pepper.  while the chicken cooled off, i took a few handfuls of baby leaf spinach (my favorite) and put it in a bowl.  i chopped up some walnuts and cubed up a white nectarine.  i topped it off with some of the chicken and a few drizzles of the champagne pear dressing.

i even made some for lunch tomorrow.  this stuff is AMAZING!


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