cast iron skillet… pizza?!

yes.  you read that correctly.  foodie friend and co-worker, Andrea (over at Storming Your Castle) and i were talking about food — probably because i was either a) hungry, b) didn’t know what to make for dinner, or c) both — and we got on the topic of pizza.  Andrea informed me of her post where she made pizza… but with a cast iron skillet!  i was shocked, baffled, intrigued and way excited to try it out for myself.  if you want to try a deep dish style pizza (or are unsure of yourself like i was), make the pizza inside of the pan.  if you’re going for more of a thin crust, flip the skillet over.

i threw caution to the wind and went at this with more excitement than anything else.  i went to the grocery store after work and got some dough, diced tomatoes and cheese.  i knew i had some random things i could toss on the pizza back home, so i was going to cross the topping bridge when i got to it.

i pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees but i did not put the skillet in the oven.  no point in messing with a heavy hot skillet (another great tip from Andrea).  i looked at the dough and realized… i didn’t have a rolling-pin!  seriously?!  i know, right!  but the last time i made a pizza was when i had a roommate who had a rolling-pin which was over a year ago.  i surveyed the kitchen and while i hate to admit it at first, i’m kind of proud of myself for my quick thinking.  i was enjoying a beer in a bottle so i poured it out, cleaned the bottle off well and used it as my rolling-pin.  not glamorous but it got the job done.

after rolling the dough out i put it in the pan.  i used a can of diced tomatoes with some of the juices, tossed on a good handful or two of fresh spinach, a nice coating of mozzarella cheese, sliced mushrooms and sliced tomatoes.

i popped that bad boy in for about 25 minutes and voila.  amazing pizza.

i have never made a pizza with such a crispy crust.  and it was so DELICIOUS.  it tasted just as good as it looks in the photos below.

if you don’t have a cast iron skillet, i suggest keeping your eyes peeled for a sale at macy’s and get one.  i picked mine up for $15 and it has been the best $15 i ever spent.  it might be heavy but… look at what it is capable of doing!  you bet i’ll be making more pizzas now.  i’ll try not to bore you with them… perhaps a breakfast or dessert pizza?! hmm….

i’ll do both! 🙂  yum, yum and yum!



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4 responses to “cast iron skillet… pizza?!

  1. Yay! So glad you tried it – but even happier that it worked!
    Your dough looks like it has something fun in it or on it. How did you make it?

  2. Kyessa

    Emily, that looks so good! I have tried to make pizzas at home several times and I never seem to get the crust right. I’m SO going to try that! Um, once I buy a cast iron skillet. 🙂

    And the TJ’s garlic herb dough is awesome for realz.

  3. My aunt in Italy makes her pizza’s in a pan all the time! She uses a double pan (bottom and top) It’s like two pans that you can connect together. Anyway, her pizza was always the best, I’m sure yours was amazing!

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