hunky meal – pierogies!

i can’t deny myself a hunky meal from time to time.  it’s in my blood and hunky meals are just insanely delicious.  it’s also one of my comfort foods and i’m sticking with it.  it was cold and dreary the other day and i was hankering for some comfort food, but something that wouldn’t take too long because i was also feeling a bit lazy.  i always keep a box of pierogies on hand in the freezer for such moments.  i had an onion hanging around and found some turkey sausage and i was in business.

the meal itself is kind of self explanatory preparation wise – i mean, i threw it all in a pan until the pierogies turned nice and brown.  as ina garten would say, “how easy was that?”  it was really simple, ina.  thanks for asking.  just writing up this post makes me drool for more pierogies… i would have served it up with some sort of vegetable for the health conscious part of me but i decided to silence that urge with a cold beer.  that was a good decision.

doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside?


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  1. beer and rogies= heaven

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