sweet potato gnocci in brown sugar and butter

i know i’ve mentioned the farmers market that goes on every week in downtown pittsburgh – here – and this post happens so be about gnocchi… again!  i picked up sweet potato gnoccis from the pasta guy per his suggestion.

you’re lucky you even got a photo.


my “gnocchi guy” said these babies are delicious with butter and brown sugar.  it sounded amazing so i went by his word.  i tossed in the frozen gnocci for about 4-5 minutes in boiling water, drained, and in a bowl tossed in a couple pads of butter, brown sugar and a little bit of salt to bring everything out.  it was almost like eating desert but yet it was still a main dish… i went back a week later and he suggested tossing in raisins or chopped apple.  i should have known to do this myself but i was too fixated on the taste of sweet potato gnocchis with butter and brown sugar i was a little set back.


you need to try these.   i want more just thinking about it.  if you work in downtown Pittsburgh, i suggest you hit up market square this Thursday and see the pasta guy for some of these bad boys.  the farmers market won’t be lasting too much longer so what are you waiting for?


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  1. This sounds fabulous! You also might try browned butter with fresh sage leaves over this. Somehow when the sage is browned crispy it has a mellow taste and is wonderful too.

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