guest post Friday – Mandy’s Cajun Turkey (and a bonus recipe!)

my good friend Mandy has made a few delicious things over the holiday break and i am featuring them today.  she, too, is a big fan of the crock pot and has put it to good use.  please enjoy her Cajun Turkey and a bonus Pulled Beef Enchiladas!


  • 5lb turkey
  • cajun seasoning

Total cooking time: 9hrs

For Christmas Eve this year my fiance and I decided to stay in, watch Christmas movies and cook a nice dinner. I decided to tackle cooking a turkey. While on the internet, I looked up my favorite method of cooking, the crock pot. I discovered that, yes, in fact you can cook a turkey using a crock pot. It said to cook the bird 2hrs per pound. I happened to buy a 5lb turkey. When I placed the turkey into the , it was slightly too big, oops! I decided to continue to use the crock pot as a method of defrost. This did in fact work. After about the 7th hour in the crock pot, I decided to move the bird to the oven. Before placing the turkey into the oven, I basted the turkey with cajun seasoning. I then placed the turkey into the oven on 350 degrees for 2hrs. I checked frequently on the turkey, and it was golden brown and delicious after about 2hrs. Although, this may have not been the smoothest meal ever cooked, it tasted good : )

a photo of the final product with fixins – stuffing, potatoes and cranberries.  nice, Mandy!


Mandy was on a roll and was generous enough to include yet another crock pot recipe from new years eve – enjoy!

Pulled Beef Enchiladas:

For a party I decided to make pulled beef enchiladas. I thought it would be a nice late night snack. I purchased an oven roast from Giant Eagle, and placed it in the crock pot with half of a chopped onion, a larger bottle of medium heat enchilada sauce and a can of beer. I left this in the crock pot for 12hrs, and BAM! nomtastic! Place the enchilada meat on a tortilla shell with your favorite toppings and you will not be sorry! 🙂

there was no photo for this one… i’m assuming this went really fast before a photo could be taken.  🙂  sounds delicious, Mandy!  thank you for submitting your recipes!  I hope everyone enjoys them.

if you want to be featured please email me at foodingwithemily at gmail dot com and your post will be featured on a Friday!


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