Soup Swap!

a small group of friends and i got together to do the soup swap last Sunday.  the swap went off well for it being our first swap.  we each brought 5 1-quart containers of our own soup to swap with everyone.   we hung around my kitchen island eating some snacks and enjoying some drinks.  all in all, i think it went off well.  if i get around to making my soup again and get a hold of the recipes everyone used, i will post them.  i will definitely do this again next year and invite more people.  i’d like to thank Ian, Tim, Cate, Kris and Julia for participating!

the soups:

  • Stuffed Pepper – me
  • Clam Chowder – Tim
  • Potato – Cate
  • Bean – Julia
  • Parsnip – Ian
  • Chicken Tortilla – Kris

(not pictured: stuffed pepper and chicken tortilla)


so far i’ve had the bean and clam chowder and both were outstanding.  i’ve heard good reviews about the other soups from other swappers so i’m looking forward to trying them this week.  yay!  success!


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  1. Debra Wesolowski

    Congrats Emily! I am a faithful reader and have enjoyed it all year. And guess wha? It’s Wubbs birthday today too!

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