I went to BRGR (more than once)

(courtesy of their Facebook page)

And I haven’t blogged about it yet.  Maybe it’s because I couldn’t shove enough burgers in my mouth before I got my greasy hands on my laptop?  Perhaps.  BRGR is AWESOME.  The atmosphere is pretty chill, with a garage door like front that opens up during the spring and summer season.

I met up with a few (not quite so old yet) college friends at BRGR.  They won’t sit you unless your entire party is there so Jules, Amanda and I went over to the  bar.  I ordered the Salty Caramel adult milkshake.

It really was the most amazing thing ever.  It was heavy on the bourbon and that made me giddy like a child.  It can “feed” probably two people or one very thirsty/stressed out person.  Once everyone arrived, we were seated immediately (5:30pm on a Monday night is a good time!) and ordered our food.  I ordered the “Fire in the Hole” medium rare and it was AHHH-mazing.

This delish burger has guacamole, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo and i believe mine had some green peppers in there as well.

Fries do not come with the burgers but you can order a big basket for about $4 that will feed 3 people, easily.

They are served with herbs and parmesan and you can add a side of the Truffle Cheese Wiz for a buck.  I can not encourage you enough to get the cheese wiz.  I’d pour it over everything if I could.

If you have the chance to go to BRGR, DO IT.  Get a milkshake while you wait for your table and enjoy the amazing food and relaxing atmosphere.  And did I mention the price is right?  It’s not that expensive at all.  More reason to go there.  GO!

(This post was in no way encouraged by BRGR.  Just merely by my love for it – I did go three times before I posted!  Also I might have stole the last two photos from Julia since she had the same thing as I did 🙂  )


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