I’m a little busy these days…

So sometimes my job requires me to work a butt ton of hours.  Between that and trying to train for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, I’ve been a little busy!  I haven’t been even cooking a lot.  Wheel Deliver has been getting a lot of business from me lately.  I did make a quick little chicken salad at some point last week (somehow!)  so to not be neglectful, here is a little small, quick and filling recipe:

There is no method to my madness with this recipe, so you can use your best judgment:

  • shredded chicken
  • fat free mayo
  • grapes
  • celery, chopped
  • curry powder (less is more)

Mix it all up and enjoy!  I made this into little lettuce wraps and used up some of the bibb lettuce I’ve received in my CSA.  Refreshing!

I also thought I took a picture of this but apparently I was too busy to even do that.  It’s yummy, I promise!


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