Surf & Turf Night!

This post is LONG overdue.  My cousin gave me the idea to buy lobster tails from the local fish market, Wholey’s.  Their weekly in-store deals are kind of awesome.  The sale i picked up was fresh/frozen lobster tails for $4.95/each.  I went down with Tim and got two lobster tails, he got clams for his soup for the soup swap, and tossed ’em back in my freezer for a good time to eat them… only to happen a few days later.

This was my first time cooking lobster tails and I had NO clue what to do with them.  I was a little apprehensive about making the lobster since this was my first time doing it but hey, gotta start somewhere.  I looked online and found a few different ways to cook the tails.  I chose to steam them in a shallow layer of boiling water for about 5-7  minutes.  Prior to, I grilled some steaks and steamed some fresh green beans as well.

The lobster was plated and we sat down… and then looked at the lobster.  I can honestly say this was the first time I’ve had an actual lobster tail to eat.  I did not score the shell prior to steaming (first mistake) but I was able to crack apart the tail on the bottom side and pull out the meat intact.

All in all my first lobster tail was pretty good.  There are other methods of cooking it which I will probably explore soon.  I encourage all of my followers to try something new, like lobster tails!  Check out Wholey’s.  They had quite an amazing selection of seafood (and meats!) and at a reasonable price.  I plan on going back soon to try something new.  Yum!


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