my jaunt in the Strip District

5 pound pepperoni rolls, oh my!

And oysters on the street, kielbasa “John’s Way”, lobster mac & cheese, hot dogs, lemonade and donuts with maple syrup and bacon.

Natalie and I went on a little jaunt to the Strip District today.  We stopped at Wholey’s where I got two flank steaks and green beans (for a meal that will be posted soon) and also got 2 for $2 oysters on the street!

Oyster man on his lobster phone heckling, “Hey kid you want some oysters or are you thinkin’ of a juicy hamburger?”

om nom nom

We stopped at an Asian market where I picked up some rice noodles and also saw jellyfish heads??!

blegh – what do you do with those?  wait, I don’t want to know.

The 5 pound pepperoni roll was friggin’ amaze, saw a HOT PINK KitchenAid mixer in the window at In The Kitchen (I still love you apple green mixer), the “John’s Way” kielbasa was grilled John’s way – with BBQ sauce, and even enjoyed some polka music.

I need to get down to the strip more often and take my nicer camera with me to really capture the essence of what is called the Strip District in Pittsburgh.  I only live 5 minutes away yet I rarely go! 😦

Thank you to Natalie for the photos!


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