my beach vacation!

It was great!  Relaxation to the max.  Sun, lots of heat and sand.  There was a lot of food intake going on as well.

en route to the beach going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Here’s a recap of what Brad and I ate and did via photos.

Dough Rollers Pizza

We got in before our hotel room was ready.  We were also very hungry.  Pizza at the beach?  Yeah.  Dough Rollers has some freaking good lip smacking pizza.  And we ate a lot of it.  And we only had pizza there.  None of this nonsense pancake business.

my ultimate favorite

We ate at Bull on the Beach, somewhere around 2nd on the Boardwalk.  They have some good bbq but how could I not have oysters.  This began the oyster binge fest 2011.  I later binged on more at The Bonfire all you can eat seafood buffet, along side crab legs.  Sorry, no photo of that but it’s probably for the best.

more beach, kites from the Kite Loft

The weather was SO MUCH BETTER than it was during our trip last year.  It rained for a good 75% of vacation last year.  This year it rained for about 20 minutes while we were on our way back from the Dogfish Brew Pub.  Brad had a burger and I had The Fifth Column pizza (Red sauce, mozzarella, lump crab meat, asparagus, tomatoes, and fresh basil).  It was AH MAZE.  Their pizza crust is “made with bits of wheat, barley and un-fermented ale to impart a rich, earthy taste.”  If you ever get to Rehoboth or OC, make the trip to the brew pub.  It’s worth it.  They also make and sell their own liquor on site.

Rehoboth Beach, DE

the best tasting Festina Peche to ever touch my lips.

Tapping a new cask

I really enjoy their humor

happy after our noms!

Insert more images of sand, sun and relaxation and that would sum up the OC trip.  Can’t wait for next year!


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