Pretzel Pizza

I know, right? I thought I would have thought of this.  A long time ago.  Someone beat me to it.

I found the pretzel pizza recipe at What’s Cookin’, Chicago.  While I didn’t make my own dough (I have a bad tendency to keep yeast in my kitchen.  I always want to make breads, etc., but never have yeast! But I digress), I still followed the recipe, which is pretty self explanatory.  And delish.  Thank you Trader Joe’s .99 dough.  When I made it, the dough was going for a whopping .99.  Now it is $1.19.  C’MON TRADER JOES, YOU’RE KILLIN’ ME.

Dough rolled and prepped with delicious fillings.

Bake me!

Eat me!  So delicious!

And on a side note.  I know. I posted just once in February. My dear readers, I am sorry.  Things get busy!  I kept cooking! Just not posting.  And for that, I apologize.  I am working on getting back to posting all of my delicious recipes to share with you all.  🙂


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