13.1 Celebratory Lobster Mac

Jules and I just ran half marathons this past Sunday.  She did hers in Lincoln while I ran in Pittsburgh.


A few weeks prior, one of us stumpled upon How Sweet’s lobster mac recipe.  We squealed weith delight in our cubes at work and swore we hated How Sweet because this is just SINFUL to look at.

Then we came up with the best idea ever to make it after our 13.1 mile conquer.

We went to the Trader Joe’s in the South Hills. I nearly died when i walked in.  IT’S LIKE TRIPLE THE SIZE OF THE ONE IN THE CITY.


Do we have enough cheese? Ha. Of course not.  There was also cream cheese involved (not pictured).

Boil your pasta.

Make some delicious cheese sauce that includes gruyere, cheddar, parmigiano-reggiano,  cream cheese, and some heavy whipping cream.

Sautee up garlic, shallots, and onions in butter and olive oil for about 7 minutes.  then toss in your langostino tails.  Try not to eat it.  After a few minutes, toss in some of that white wine you’ve been sipping on.

Take your pasta, dump it in a baking dish, pour the cheese sauce over the pasta, dump the onion/lobster medley on top, top with panko, and wait impatiently for a half hour while the already delicious mac bakes at 350 to become even more delicious.

God help us all.

No.  WAY TO GO JULES (bottom medal) AND EMILY (top medal)!!!

I can’t wait to see what we end up eating after we complete or first full marathon.  ACK.


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