Memorial Day Cookout

This post may be a smidge over due… just like the rest of them… but I’ve been quite the busy gal.  A last minute decision was made for a cookout Memorial Day Weekend.  The fridge turned into a meat locker over night thanks to Brad insisting on us needing four racks of ribs (we did not).  I just moved and spent MY ENTIRE FRIDAY cleaning up/putting away/moving boxes from the first level of the house.  They’re now all up on the 2nd level… 🙂

And then I spent my Saturday going to the grocery store three times.  For more ribs, of course.  And cleaning up more. Of course.

Ribs in the crock pot – FOR THE WIN.

In all seriousness.  Ribs in the crock pot.  Weber came out with a line of BBQ sauces and THEY ARE AMAZING. I swear to you.  Buy them.

A nice non-mayo based potato salad.  Red potatoes, olive oil, dijon, green onions, smidge of vinegar, and salt.  Boom.

What the ribs look like a few hours later.  Delish.  Funny what a few hours of slow cookin’ and some BBQ sauce will do to meat.  Mmm.

Soo this thing.  It’s an onion cooker for the microwave.  I found this gem while I was packing up my apartment.  Seriously.  An onion cooker?  I have a kitchen gadget problem.  BUT – I justify having this by letting you know my grandmother gave it to me.  I did NOT purchase it.  But it worked!  Add some Worcestershire sauce and butter and microwave for 5-6 minutes.  Delicious onions.  For delicious burgers.  On our NEW AWESOME GRILL (NO PHOTO – SERIOUSLY).

Grilled corn.  I’ll never make corn on the cob any other way, ever again.  I don’t soak them in water, some people do.  I will let the silk burn off. Doesn’t bother me!  I grilled them over medium heat for about 20 minutes. Perfect-o!  And the silk comes off with NO problem or mess.  Love it.

All of the food crammed onto the table.  Thanks to Sally bringing some delicious deviled eggs that Brad inhaled. 🙂

How else to round out the Memorial Weekend cookout?  With a little fire, of course!  And beers.  And good friends! And a thank you to all of those who have and are currently serving for the US.  We are all forever in your debt!


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