Fiestaware Tent Sale June 2012 Recap

The Fiestaware Seconds Tent Sale is something magical.  Is it the colors? The sound of the dishes clinking? The state of delirium that we’re in because we leave at 4 a.m. to get in line?  The breakfast at Newell Diner?  Really it’s the entire experience.  Here’s the recap:

Three of us went to the tent sale this year:  Ian, who was in need of a dishware makeover, and Natalie, who was in it to see what it’s all about and perhaps a few things.  I was the only seasoned veteran as these two have not experienced the tent sale.  They were in good hands.  I obtained crates on wheels (which can be purchased at Staples or Office Depot) to make our haul a little easier and we were all armed with socks to put on our hands.  The factory is only about an hour away from Pittsburgh so getting there was super easy.  We left at 4 a.m. so we could get a sweet spot in line for the first crack at all of the Fiestaware.

The line at around 5:10 a.m.  Workers started passing out tickets at 7 a.m along with a price list.  We were 116, 117, and 118, just at the front of the second wave to get in the tent.   Once we got our tickets, we went to Newell Diner, about a minute down the road, for some fuel.

We placed our orders and immediately started reviewing the price list.

What I always get.  Coffee and the biscuit bowl.  We ate, finalized our list of what we want to get, strategized as to what to grab first (bakeware always goes fast), paid for our food,  and got back in line.  They weren’t suppose to let anyone in until 8:30 a.m., but since it started to rain, they let the first wave in early.  Thank goodness we got there in time because the second wave didn’t go in yet.  Phew!

This is the view at the entrance of the tent.  And, unfortunately, the only photo of the tent I took.  It happens every time!  Once you get in that tent it’s game on.  You are on a mission to get what you want and don’t have time for photo taking.  If you really want to know what it’s like, go for yourself.  You will be happy you went.

Hall China also has a tent.  Much, much smaller but they have some gems there.  Like this Ronald Regan tea pot.  I regret not buying it.

I was only in for this trip for a few random items:

Square bowls: $1.75 each
Pizza tray: $5.25
Large pitcher: $4.75
Utensil crock (not pictured): $5.50
Ornament: $2
Java mugs: $3.80 each

The one thing that I wanted and did not get (or see ANYWHERE at the tent sale): deviled egg dish.

I will get it next time!!!!

All in all, this trip was successful.  I got what I wanted for the most part as did Ian and Natalie.  I can’t wait to go again!



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2 responses to “Fiestaware Tent Sale June 2012 Recap

  1. I got the deviled egg dish that last time I was there, in the seconds room- for 2.50. Amazing!!

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