Jelly Sandwich!

So besides cooking, I love to do my nails.  Not get them done, but do them on my own. And with doing them on my own comes a building stash of nail polishes. I decided to join up with a few other nail bloggers and participate in “Polish Days”.  This polish day is themed “Jelly Sandwich”.

I’m using Essie’s Really Red and Cult Nail’s Seduction.

When I went through my nail polish stash, I quickly realized that I don’t have many glitters.  What is wrong with me?! But the few I have, I absolutely love.  For this jelly sandwich, I did one coat of Really Red, one coat of  Seduction, one coat of Really Red, and a top coat of Seche Vite.  The photo does this no justice and I’ll be retaking it.  You can really see the effect on my pointer finger. The depth of the glitter in this sandwich is just super cool!  This is also the first time I’ve used Seche Vite.  Oh man does this dry FAST.  I did this last night and thought I’d have pillow marks on my top coat.  Nope!  Hard as a rock and looks super glossy.  New fave top coat!

If you don’t own any Cult Nails, I suggest you visit their website now.  Such fabulous colors!!!  A new collection will be coming out within the next week or so.  Maria over at CN really knows how to feed into my addiction.

Whenever I make my first franken, I’m going for a grape-y glitter.  Called “I don’t Even Know Jelly”.  I hope I have Dane Cook fans out there… 🙂  Enjoy the Jelly Sandwich!

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5 responses to “Jelly Sandwich!

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  5. Cult is a good choice! Thanks for taking part xx

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