Bottling my IPA!

So it’s been two whole weeks since my beer has been fermenting.  It was bubbling and bubbling and bubbling and I was getting super, super excited.

While my beer was fermenting, I was working on gathering brown bottles to use.  That was such a daunting process. Oh, the beers!

The day of bottling, I soaked my bottles to remove the labels and then started to sanitize everything that would come in contact with the beer.

I know you like my Christmas towels! Me too.

I set up my siphon system. That was pretty… awkward. I’ve never siphoned before so I had no clue what I was doing. I’m convinced I lost a beer in the process. I think I’m going to buy their auto siphon because it seems … easier.

Before you even put the brew in the bottle, you’re suppose to add in some sugar that helps with the carbonation process. All of the recipes from Brooklyn Brew Shop suggest using honey.  After doing some reading up on the IPA kit, apparently honey just is meh with this particular kit.   I skipped the honey part and just went for sugar in the bottles. I had no idea how much to use. If you don’t have enough, it wont carbonate well, and I was pretty sure I didn’t use enough and thought this was going to turn out to be a disaster and I’d cry myself to sleep. So I just used a teaspoon per bottle and crossed my fingers.

After a few attempts, and then caving in to ask Brad for some help, I had some beer in my bottles!  I used my fancy schmancy bottle capper and boom. Bottled beer.

Now this was the hard part. Putting this away and waiting another TWO WEEKS.  UGH.

Two Weeks Later

IT WORKED. IT ACTUALLY WORKED. It made the pressurized noise when i opened up the bottle, it foamed up like a science experiment, and  tasted like an IPA! I was so thrilled and tickled and it was actually enjoyable.  Success! Yay for home brewing! Up next – Coffee and Donut Stout. 🙂


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