Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year ended up at our place.  I was kinda excited, kinda scared, kinda nervous, kind of YESS all at the same time.  I like to cook and host so of course I was excited. I was responsible for the turkey so I was freaking out. We decided to FRY the turkey, so i was scared/nervous the house was going to burn down.

But there’s only one way to tackle those fears, right? By DOING IT. First off, the fryer. We bought a turkey fryer. At first I thought to myself OMG WHY but then I read a user review saying it can double as beer making tools.  I immediately added that to my cart and bought it.  🙂 So, expect some big beer posts at some point.

I bought a bird which was more of a mind game than anything.  I looked for the “perfect” sized bird, which took way too long in my opinion, so I gave up and took the one that was in my cart. Which, really, was fine.

Now, frying. I asked a few friends for some tips.  Between this website and the directions that came with the fryer, we was set. Another tip. When buying peanut oil, do some price comparison. I ended up getting the best deal at Home Depot. Three gallons of peanut oil for $31 and some change (including tax). Take that, Giant Eagle, and your $19.99/gallon price!!!!

My bird, Patrice, seasoned up and ready to take a swim in some peanut oil. Patrice was also THAWED and DRIED completely. I can’t stress that enough.  Water and hot oil do NOT mix well.  Trust me.

When it came to dunking the bird in the hot, hot oil, I was scared. I can’t lie. You really can screw this up if you’re not careful or paying attention. So I made sure I was doing extra of both.

Lower the bird S-L-O-W-L-Y into the oil so you don’t create an overflow and then everything goes to hell in a hand basket and catches on fire.
This is what success in process looks like.

Rule of thumb is 3~3.5 minutes per pound, so that put us around 45 minutes.

45 minutes later, a delicious looking bird.
And then this 15 minutes later. My sister brought the sides and pies and we had a quaint Thanksgiving dinner! Mom showed up just in time to get a sampling of everything before we all scarfed it down.

The sides were amazing as usual and the fried turkey turned out delicious. Looks like we’ll be having that at holiday dinners from now on!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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  1. Debra Wesolowski

    Very nice article! It all looked wonderful.

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