International Food Fest 2012

This post is WAY over due. Like WAY. Months. Ack. I’m so sorry. Especially to Tim and Ian since they are the other parts of IFF.

Every year, Tim, Ian, and I get together for something we like to call International Food Fest. The three of us like to try new foods and cook. So why not combine the two? Cooking food we’re not familiar with gets us out of our comfort zone and is just a darn fun time when doing it with friends and some wine.
The 2012 installation consisted of Vietnamese, French (ish), and Greek foods:

We started off with the mussel dish as a starter.
Here’s a little secret. Go to Whole Foods (if you have one) and get your mussels there. THEY WERE CHEAP.  I paid $10 for three pounds. THAT’S IT.  And you know they’re good if they’re from Whole Foods. And also, I got THE BEST customer service, too. That, my friends, will keep me coming back.
Ina’s recipe was dead on. The mussels were FAB. We scarfed them up like heathens.  I’ve been craving them ever since. Such a great dish. Try it. Eat it. Enjoy it.

Up next was Ian’s sammich.
Ian pickled the veggies all on his own and man they were good! They made the sandwich light and gave it that extra added crunch along with the bread.  Spot on.  Check out the recipe here and make it yourself.

And the final piece to the meal was Tim’s Eggplant Moussaka.  Sorry kids, no recipe!  I’ll have to follow up with Tim and post where he got the recipe from (one of his cookbooks I think…)
We got some eggplant action underneath those sauteed onions!
Now for the delicious sauce that makes the dish.

Tim’s dish was delish and pushed us over the edge and made some pant buttons burst. But it was totally worth it. I always look forward to IFF. Can’t wait for IFF 2013! Now, what to make …


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