Homemade Vanilla Extract

Christmas has come and gone and I’m kind of sad. I prepared for Christmas since after Thanksgiving and it’s all over in just one day! One of the more fun things that I did for Christmas was give out homemade vanilla extract. This has been something I’ve been wanting to make, so why not give it out?

It’s pretty simple. You get some vanilla beans, plain vodka, and dump it all into bottles. OK, there’s a little more method behind the madness.

I ordered vanilla beans from beanilla.com.  They had the BEST price I could find and I was not dissapointed with my order. Thumbs up, beanilla! I will be ordering from you again.

I found 6 oz. bottles at Michael’s which is a perfect size. The ratio was 6 oz. of vodka to one vanilla bean.

Split the bean down the middle and then cut in half.  Do NOT remove the seeds. You can leave them in the pod.  Put the bean in the bottle and fill with vodka.  Let it sit for 6-8 weeks.

All I need to do is work on my penmanship.

It’s a nice gift for those who love to bake! And who doesn’t like something that’s homemade? 🙂


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