Long and Slow Apples – FFwD

So I’m on to my second French Friday with Dorie post! this one is called long and slow apples. You cook them long… and slow.

I was skeptical about one part of the recipe, like most FFwD’ers. You slice the apples thin (check), make a sugar mixture and melted butter for layering in between the apple slices (check). You then wrap the ramekins in plastic wrap and foil.  Wait. Plastic wrap?! Yeah. That’s what I, along with a bunch of other FFwD’er’s, said. Some went for it, I did not since I didn’t have any plastic wrap. Even if I did, I probably wouldn’t have done it. I would have probably ended up with a melted mess and ruin my new ramekins. Which, side note, have little hearts on the side of them. Cute!


So anyway, back to dem apples.

Apples sliced, and between each layer is melted butter and the sugary mix.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing. There was no photo in the cookbook and I kind of just went with it.  After this, I wrapped it with some foil, made some vents, and placed a mug on top to weigh it down.  Had i known exactly why, I would have stacked MORE apples on top and make a tower of apples.  They cooked WAY DOWN.

See?! Now, this thing was DELICIOUS. The apples were oh so tender, the butter and sugar was DIVINE, and I ate it warm. You could serve it cold, but it’s winter. Warm desserts for me! The only thing that went wrong in this instance was a lack of more apple slices. I wasn’t going to bother taking a picture of a half-inch pile of apples. Also, I ate them before I could do it anyway. 🙂



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6 responses to “Long and Slow Apples – FFwD

  1. awww! I was hoping to see a shot of your ramekins!! mostly we all had the same problem with our apples cooking down so much but you also have an older version of the book.

  2. kitchconundrum

    This was my first recipe with FFWD and I loved it! The apples were so good! Like you, I ate them warm too. It’s winter and you just need warm comforting food. Looking forward to cooking with the group!

  3. its not what I thought it would look like but they are cute! 🙂

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