Lunch at Habitat (Pittsburgh Restaurant Week ’13)

It’s Restaurant Week in Pittsburgh! My sister brought up doing lunch at Habitat and I was sold. I work just a few blocks away but have never walked in since it opened. Sad, I know! I’m kicking myself for that after this lunch experience.

Our table had quite the view of the kitchen! I have no words except WOW. The photo does not do it justice.

Jes and I both decided on the Executive Express lunch – a four course meal of soup, salad, sandwich, and a dessert.

OK – let me start with the bread. Really, the butter. OK, the bread was kind of out of this world. The butter was topped with a smokey sea salt and I about DIED when I took a bite.

20130115124932487-1 (1)

And the bite.

Insert figurative death.

There was an “express” quality to the express lunch. It was on our table pretty fast! But our conversation was no where near express. Woops 🙂

Moving on to the Executive Express lunch featured for Restaurant Week:

Starting with the top left and going clockwise:
(I think I got all things correct – the lovely server had me at Cuban puled pork and I zoned out)

  • Romaine lettuce salad with a Dijon mustard vinaigrette
  • Almond torte with berries and a cannoli filling esque topping
  • Lentil and ham soup
  • Cuban pulled pork wrap

First off – presentation. HOW CUTE. It’s like a super duper fancy boxed lunch!

I started with the salad that had a lovely kick to it. I love me some spicy anything.

Next, soup. It was a cold day yesterday. Nothing like warming up with a ham and lentil soup. One of the best ham/bean soups I’ve had in a very long time.

On to the sandwich part. Oh man. This pork was amazing. There were sweet pickles inside that were INSANEly delicious. The tart and sweetness said HELLO to my taste buds  So delicious. The server did mention something about pickles but, again, she had me at pork, so I was zoned.

Dessert. Oh, hello, tiny desserts. It wasn’t heavy which is what I like for an afternoon sweet. The last thing I need is to be snoozin’ under my desk at work.  The berries were warm and cooked and oh so delicious. The topping. THE TOPPING. Looks like ice cream, tastes like amazingness. It was so like cannoli filling and I wanted buckets of it. What a great pairing with sweet/tart fruit.

I think I liked my lunch.

Even though I decided on the express lunch, I browsed the menu and will be going back soon. There were so many delicious options to pick from and will make any lunch break extraordinary. (Sorry, Chipotle.)

Happy Restaurant Week, Pittsburgh!  I hope to be invited to the BLOGGER DINNER NEXT TIME. #HINTHINT #JUSTSAYIN



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3 responses to “Lunch at Habitat (Pittsburgh Restaurant Week ’13)

  1. Pittsburgh food blogs reader and judger

    Excellent, I will have to try! I work i the area and alwaya like a nice lunch here and there. And let me just say for all of the mediocre and repetitious Pgh food blogs there are (um, hello, blogging about your first dining experience at Mallorca is nothing novel!), shame on them for not inviting you to the blogger dinner.

  2. P.S. – Yes, you’ll be invited to the next blogger dinner. We’re having another one in March.

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