flank steak and wedge salad

Have I ever mentioned that I love grilling?  I love grilling.  So much.  I wish I could bottle the smell of ‘grill’ and wear it as my perfume.  I’m that weird.

Anyway.  I saw this recipe somewhere on the internet for flank steak pinwheels.  It looked super cool and I HAD to try it.  (Google it – you’ll find a million recipes on it.)

But the pinwheel prep part?  Meh.  OK.  It looked KIND OF AWESOME.  Many recipes say to butterfly it, stuff it, roll it, and then shove some bamboo skewers in it for lollipop pinwheels.  But when I started to butterfly the flank steak, things went wrong.  I couldn’t butterfly it.  It was just bad.  I ended up carving holes in my flank steak.  So before i had a swiss cheese-esque  flank steak, I took matters into my own hands and just pounded it thin.  Problem solved.

I slathered that bad boy with olive oil, green onions, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Now comes the prosciutto and provolone. Yep.  Meat stuffed with meat.

Roll’er’up and tie’er’up.  Season’er’up with salt and pepper.

I hope you pre-heated your grill.  Get that hot, oil up the grates, and gently place your flank steak on the grill.  It took me about 15 minutes to cook the whole flank with one flip.  My idea of pounding it thin really paid off.

Once the steak is done, pull it off the grill and let it rest for about 10 minutes or so so everything settles.

Cut into your pinwheels (discard the string- blegh) and serve.  I made a wedge salad to serve with my steak. Refreshing and SO DELICIOUS.

The lovely part of this meal is that you can really stuff your steak with anything you want.  The steak is a blank, but delicious, canvas.  Go wild, kids.  Let me know what you stuff it with.

Can we call this my comeback post?  I guess it isn’t a come back, I’ve been here … just busy.  OK. COME BACK KID FOODING WITH EMILY IT IS.  OK. This post needs to end. I love you all! So much! I’ve missed you and I’m happy I have more time to blog more! Blame my full time job for lack of time 😉  I have so many fun things to post about I can’t WAIT to post about them!!! 🙂 What are these things? Oh, just macarons, my trip to the TACO TRUCK (omgiknow), butternut sage pasta, a dogfish dinner (ok that one is WAY OVER DUE), and a magazine mention.  yes.  amazing.



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4 responses to “flank steak and wedge salad

  1. Mumma

    This looks amazing. hope to try soon.

  2. Thanks, Mumma! So easy and simple!

  3. mom

    GRAM is especially proud of your magazine mention in EDIBLE ALLEGHENY!!! Way to go Em Brings back so many good memories! Mom

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