Macarons Take 1 …

Macarons.  They look so cute, don’t they?  They’re so delicate and yet I want to smash them all in my mouth.  Don’t you?  But why pay $3 for one macaroon when I can try to make it myself?  Mission accepted.  But boy … what a mission.

My first attempt followed the Jeni’s Ice Cream recipe for her ice cream sandwiches.  After extensive research (which apparently wasn’t extensive enough) I thought I was good to go.  I got all of my things and even had a helping hand, Erika, for this macaron production.

First mistake.  It was humid in the house.  There is no AC in our house.  Not only was that the first mistake but I’m pretty sure it was the biggest mistake.  Don’t make macarons on a humid day.  I also think I didn’t whip the egg whites long enough. Speaking of egg whites.  Some recipes called for aged egg whites. Aged egg whites?  What?  Yeah.  You keep your egg whites in the ‘fridge for a few days.  Boom.  Aged.  However, I read that you don’t really need aged egg whites.  This first try was with straight from the egg egg whites, not aged.  Perhaps what was my second mistake?

Looks good so far …

You let them dry for at least a half hour before you toss them in the oven to bake. While they were drying and things, Erika and I made a butter cream to fill them with.  That was done correctly and was delicious.

So after the drying and baking this is what the first batch turned out like …

They look like pancake sandwiches.  Horrible! NOTHING like a macaron! They had a nice favor but they were awfully chewy.  I was so sad.  I laughed because this would happen to me.  But I didn’t let this keep me back from trying again … to be continued … (also, recipes will be on the part 2 post – the GOOD recipe! So I guess I gave away the happy ending … 🙂  )


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