Macarons Take 2 …

Hm… this was suppose to go up a few weeks ago as a follow up to my first macaron post.  Time flies when you’re busy! It’s been a while, I’ve kind of lost my cooking/blogging grove, but I think I found it (again) after a needed break. I can’t apologize because I did enjoy my time away from the stress of blogging that I put on myself.  This should be fun! And it is fun again.  It was like I had a really long day at work and the thought of cooking gave me a massive headache.  But I’m over that now.  So, back to this post that was suppose to be up last month … 🙂

I got back on the macaron band wagon, even after my first failed attempt.  My friend Julia made a batch perfectly and I was determined to conquer the elusive macaron.  She shared the recipe she used  with me – from The Food Network.  This one was very, very similar to the one I used.  I went with aged egg whites this time and made sure it was NOT a humid evening. I also whipped the batter a little more to get more air into it so it had more oomph, if you will.

Another tip.  Use parchment paper.  Do not make the mistake I did and use wax.  It’s not going to work.  Why do I even bother with wax paper?  Seriously.  I should toss it and just stick with parchment from now on.

I piped and let them dry out for about a half hour.

Looks pretty, right? Yeah.  I had a slight debacle with these.  The cat and dog decided to play a game of chase and ran into the kitchen while they were drying.  Let’s just say it’s not easy cleaning macaron goop off a cat.  Put these somehwere where no one/thing can flip them over.  Good thing I had a few extra pans of macarons.

After the drying time, I followed the baking directions and let them do their thing.  I admit, I was nervous.  I screwed up the first batch so it’s possible I could screw these ones up, too. And I was also coming off my anger from the macaron covered cat mess.  What else could go wrong, right?

The stars must have aligned that night.  THEY TURNED OUT!!!!!!!

Look at the feet!

I screamed with joy and excitement and forgot about the cat-dog mess from earlier.  It worked! My little macarons turned out the way they were suppose to! I mean, HOW CUTE?!

I slapped some butter cream onto a macaron and sandwiched two together.  I’m still in awe that I made these.  I. Made. Those. 😀 You really should try your hand at macarons.  They’re challenging and easy at the same time and the excitement is just overwhelming.

I need to make more now …


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  1. Debra

    Beautiful and delish…… nice. Glad you are cooking/blogging again.

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