French Friday with Dorie – Compote de Pommes

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a French Friday with Dorie recipe. I could list excuses but I’m not going to.  I’ll just get back in it! I love reading the posts the others in the group share and the camaraderie this group has created and I’ve missed contributing to it.  This past Friday’s FFwD recipe is Compote de Pommes two ways.  That is applesauce for you who don’t know the lingo.  There is a straight forward recipe and the second one is a thicker, gussied up version with butter.  I opted for the first go at it and will make the turnovers tomorrow for a fancy breakfast.

Apples, peeled, cored and chopped up.

About halfway there.

Dorie suggests milling, pushing the apples through a sieve or leave them whole. I don’t have a mill, no patience for the sieve and I don’t like an overly chunky applesauce. To the food processor it goes!

Finished compote de pommes.

I took a taste. Delish.  I didn’t add the butter or vanilla, which were optional.  I thought this was good as is.  The compote is now chilling in the fridge waiting to be tucked in some puff pastry and enjoyed as a hand pie.  But Dorie also suggests adding some creme fraîche and enjoying it as a delicious dessert.  Perhaps I’ll do both.  Perhaps I’ll try to nestle this in to something for thanksgiving … Hmm… Posts to come!

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PS – It feels good to be back to FFwD! 🙂



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7 responses to “French Friday with Dorie – Compote de Pommes

  1. Your apples look delicious! I’m sure your pies will be divine too. I made mine chunky, with the vanilla, and served it with marscapone for dessert. I also got inspired and made another batch, this time with pears added, cardamom, a bit of lemon zest and the vanilla. Quite yummy.

    Glad you are enjoying yours!!

  2. Welcome back !! Yes, the whole “life” thing does tend to get blogging on the back burner- many of us can relate. And have also taken posting breaks. Always fun to come back to the flock when time allows and this was an awesome week to do it- nothing crazy complicated but uber yummy. And perfect for the season. Great job ~

  3. Welcome back to French Fridays! Glad you enjoyed your applesauce…we thought it was quite good too! The turnovers sound delish!

  4. Wasn’t this easy? You should try it with the vanilla. It totally transforms it. But, it’s delicious no matter which way you choose.

  5. Emily

    This was simple, easy and delicious! Great color in your applesauce!

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  7. Teresa

    Nice to see you back! I really enjoyed this recipe, too, and ended up eating most of it just as it was.

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