FFwD Dressy Pasta “Risotto”

AKA Fancy mac and cheese!   I enjoy risotto and was slightly disappointed when I read through the recipe to find out it’s everything but.  But man do I LOVE mac and cheese.  Like LOVE.  It is just the definition of comfort food.  This fancier version might now be my go to for mac and cheese.  I normally make a roux, dump some cream in, melt the cheese and add the pasta.  This was SO much easier.  Dorie calls for chicken stock – lucky for me I made chicken stock earlier in the day.  I had chicken parts in the freezer and was looking to free up some space.  It’s getting colder here at the beach thanks to snow storm Hercules, so homemade soup will be happening later this week.  The local fish market is having a HUGE sale on clams so I’m also thinking clam chowder is going to happen in the very near future.  The perks of living at the beach!

Back to that risotto … Onions, butter, chicken stock, pasta, cream, fresh grated parmesan and mascarpone.  MMM. Dorie.  It’s like you wrote this recipe just for me.  Taking one of my favorite things to eat, making it fancy AND it’s a one pot wonder.  Gah! I served mine up with some pork chops (thanks for the chops, Mom!) and greens.

This was a hit all around.  I will make this again that is for sure.  Check out what the other Doriesters are doing with their dressy pasta risotto here.

Now I will stay indoors all day.  It’s cold here!

So pretty!

Update — Beach snow photos! 🙂



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28 responses to “FFwD Dressy Pasta “Risotto”

  1. Your pasta looks perfect! It just dipped below zero here…ugh!

  2. Totally agree with you, will certainly use this recipe again x 2!! I love this ‘mac n cheese’ a one pot thingy on stovetop too! Seasons greetings and Happy New Year!

  3. Love the snowy beach photos! This was a terrific dish. Loved it!

  4. WOW… beach snow pics are fab! 🙂 your mac-n-cheese-risotto looks delightful also!

  5. The snow on the beach looks stunning!

    When Friday’s roll around, I crave mac and cheese like mad. That’s when I need most food comfort definitely! I’ll definitely make this one again.

    • Thank you! I’m happy I went out to snap a few photos to share. Snow is something that doesn’t happens around here often. I can’t wait to make this mac again!

  6. The high today was 12 in my part of NY. Great dish for this chilly weather… jealous of your pork chops the sauce on them looks really good. Glad you enjoyed this too. Happy New Year.

  7. Love the photos of the beach snow and the docks – the dinner looks fab with the pork chops and risotto! Happy New Year!

  8. Oh, my goodness, stay warm!
    How wonderful that you were able to make this with homemade chicken stock! What a great boost to the flavor!

  9. Perfect looking pasta…and oh so delicious! Happy New Year!

  10. Perfect Pasta. The family enjoyed this dish. Happy New Year!

  11. This looks delicious! Great job. Looks like a great meal. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, Betsy! I admit, there was more time in between my Dorie posts that I’d like. Can’t wait for the next one! Happy New Year to you as well!

  12. Wasn’t this fantastic? I’m totally with you – a better way to make mac and cheese!! Love your photos. I imagine it’s a bit of a treat to get a cold snowy day so that you can enjoy your soup! Happy New Year!

  13. Hi Emily! I love your snowy beach photos!! It seems that all the snow has moved to the US this year! It feels like early spring here in Greece! This was a great recipe. Definitely the best comfort food for the type of weather you have now!

  14. I also thoroughly enjoyed the snowy beach photos. Not sure, know that I think about it, I have ever seen much of these. We have family in S Carolina on the beach and they only ever tell us how lovely it is there 🙂 Definitely good cold weather for some mac and cheese (even if it is called risotto). Great job and we all loved it here too. A keeper for sure. And I also pared it with pork, though the boys ate leftovers by simply chowing down on full bowls of the pasta…..

    • Thanks, Tricia! I didn’t think I’d see beach snow. Even though we’re not too far south on the coast, snow doesn’t come by as often as I’ve been accustomed to in my hometown of Pittsburgh. This recipe definitely came at a good time 🙂

  15. It’s been insanely cold here – with negative 18 temps and insane wind chills. And I am not looking forward to round two this week of that.
    Your “mac-n-cheese” looks great!

  16. teaandscones

    Definitely better than my usual mac/cheese. Was good with ribs on New Years. Beach and snow just don’t seem to go together!!

  17. One pot! Whats not to like with that? Right there this has become my go to recipe for mac and cheese!

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