Sound Off Saturday – Birchbox Product Review

So food isn’t my only jam.  (groan – sorry, I’m a sucker for cheesy jokes.)  If you were to look at my pins on Pinterest you’d see that besides all of the foods, I like other things.  I cross stitch, I picked knitting up again, I try to be healthy and am a beauty product sucker.  My sister signed me up for a Birchbox subscription for my birthday and this little monthly box of sample goodness is just FUN.  In my stalker ways, before I got my first box I liked them on Facebook, followed them on Twitter and Instagram and tweeted/IG’ed the CRAP out of them.  And when I get my box, I tweet/IG photos of the box like I’ve won a million bucks. It’s been great getting samples of things I would never think to buy, especially skin care and hair care products.  I’m 28 and I think I’m invincible to wrinkles and damaged hair, amongst other things.  Moving to the coast has been a reality check and I’ve been more thoughtful about those things.  Birchbox has sent samples for my face and hair in recent boxes and I have been enjoying trying them out.

While in the process of stalking Birchbox, I signed up for birchbloggers.  I got an email asking the birchbloggers what we think the next Beauty Protector product would be. 10 will be selected to receive it and review it. My thought was a dry shampoo.  I love me some dry shampoo.  I was wrong, but I was selected! I won! The product came in the mail and it was time to sample.

The product that I got was the Beauty Protector protect & oil*.  I normally don’t put much in my hair and you can tell.  It’s damaged.  I really beat it up this summer between the ocean water, pool water, the sun and all of that dry shampoo.

I’ve used something similar to this WAY back in the day and I don’t know why I stopped using it.  But I’m so glad protect & oil is in my life now.  Three drops is all you need.  Slap it on your hands and apply to your hair after shampooing and towel drying, style as usual.  I saw an immediate difference.


This is me, not on protect & oil.  Frizzy, messy (yeah I need a hair cut) and just meh.  Wear and tear of the Atlantic Ocean and pool water right there, folks. This is also just after a blow dry sesh.  No flat iron, which I normally do.

And this is me on protect & oil.  Such a major difference.  This, too, is just after a blow dry.  No flat iron.  Not as frizzy (I’m sure if I get that over due hair cut this will look WAY better) my hair was shiny and the oil did not make my hair feel weighed down or oily.  It has a nice scent to it.  Kinda vanilla sugary, maybe coconut.  It was definitely nice.  I’ll be trying my flat iron out after I use this oil.  I am also looking forward to using this product for another beachy summer :)  Thumbs up, Beauty Protector! I’m hooked.

As i said before, I like things other than food and like to babble.  So I’m thinking this Sound Off Saturday will happen.  Not weekly (cause I’m bad at that gig) but every so often. Yay new things!

*I wasn’t paid to do this review. I was selected from my tweet to review a product – good or bad.


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2 responses to “Sound Off Saturday – Birchbox Product Review

  1. Must Have Boxes

    I love Birchbox!

  2. Mel Stevens

    I highly recommend the argan oil from pro naturals!

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