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Fat Tuesday Chicken Gumbo

Fat Tuesday was a combination of reasons why I made this dish.  Ian, with the help of Tim, got me this ridiculous cookbook for Christmas, The Total Banana.

And ever since, we’ve been talking about having a banana dinner night.  After thumbing through the banana book, I found “Chicken Gumbo” (with plantain balls) and Fat Tuesday was only a couple of days away.  A few text messages later the banana dinner was in place!  I picked chicken gumbo from the book because it seemed to be one of the easier things to make.  I thought to ease myself in to the Total Banana.

The recipe called for okra and I’ve never worked with okra before.  I did not prepare it the best way possible and it was a little bit slimy.  Not in a gross way, but a definite acquired taste.  A better way to use okra is to fry it up and add it at the end, almost like a garnish to your dish.  I will definitely go that route next time I use okra.

I do not have the recipe on hand currently.  Tim has The Total Banana, since we decided that we should take turns hosting the banana dinner.  Tim is unfortunately next.

It was a pretty straight forward recipe with green peppers, onions, garlic, chicken stock, okra, spices, etc.  I added sausage into it to give it a little more oomph.  My coworker gave me some southern cookin’ staples and I added gumbo file at the end.  Deeeelish!  Once I get the banana book back, I will update with the recipe.


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