a call to summer – the hamburger

i decided to keep it somewhat easy today.  95% lean ground meat was the key to this hamburger.  made four patties (only cooked three!) on my stove top grill.  i sauteed left over red onion from the bucatini all’amatriciana for a topping along side with ketchup and mustard, of course.

to make things easier, i bought pre-made mac and cheese – ok, ok. while i like to make my own, this is WAY, WAY better than the boxed crap when you don’t want to stand over a stove.  try it for yourself.  you’ll thank me later.

i steamed some broccoli and voilá – summer dinner on a very rainy monday.

this made everyone a little bit happier today.



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3 responses to “a call to summer – the hamburger

  1. Damn you Rathbone, always one step ahead of me! Watch out for my burger recipe tomorrow 🙂

    Also, love me some sautéed (see that accent there?) onions on my burgers.

  2. i know you just want to re-create my recipes.

    i have a mean turkey burger recipe up my sleeve so watch out…

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